March 16, 2012

What I am excited to eat again


… after I give birth:

1. Runny eggs. I really miss these. One of my quick go-to meals is a fried egg with whatever is in the fridge ... and fried eggs that are cooked until the yolk is hard are simply no good. It also really limits my brunch options in restaurants.



2. Sushi. There is plenty of great sushi that doesn't involve raw fish (just look at that luscious avocado up there!), but my choices are always even more limited because of not eating gluten. So going to a sushi restaurant and having some more choice will be wonderful.


3. Deli meats. You know, I really didn't think I would miss this
much at all. I rarely buy deli meats. But something about not being able to eat a food makes you want it more. I think on one of our first shopping trips post-baby I will stock up on some delicious prosciutto, maybe some salami, and other goodies at the Italian Centre.

4. Rare meat. We don't eat meat often, it's true. But on the few occasions we eat out for dinner, it would be great to be able to indulge in a beautiful medium-rare steak.


5. Alcohol. Yeah, this one's pretty obvious. It's not like I'm a big drinker, but the thought of that first sip of a crisp glass of white wine, a cold (gluten-free) cider or a refreshing mojito is awfully tasty right now.

Only a little more than two months to go! Our baby is moving all the time, and it’s crazy that you can see my stomach rippling when it really gets going. Sometimes I wonder what exactly it’s doing in there.

Of course the best part of post-birth will be meeting our baby and getting to enjoy what parenthood is like. But I must say indulging in these foods (and drink) again will be nice too.