About Isabelle

I spend my days working as a journalist for our national public broadcaster in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I also spend a lot of time dreaming about food, planning what to cook and make, and churning out meals and treats in the kitchen.  Everything I make is gluten-free since I was diagnosed with celiac disease in July 2010.

I love baking, simple meals, local foods, vintage cookware, visiting markets and food shops, traveling, and reading cookbooks.  

Right now my husband J and I are very excited to welcome our first child in May 2012. I'm sure this blog (along with our lives) will change a lot after our baby is born, and I'm looking forward to seeing what direction it takes.

J is busy training to become an opera singer while also working part-time in an office, so I do most of the cooking at home. Since I work full-time too, I'm always looking for quick but delicious and healthy recipes. I have a large cookbook collection that I draw from, but I also often turn to my favourite food blogs (see some of them at right) for ideas.

The Little Red Kitchen is named for the kitchen in our first apartment together in Charlottetown, PEI, where we are both from. It was tiny, old-fashioned and adorable, and it's where I started my journey cooking on my own.

You can reach me at ibgallant[at]gmail[dot]com.