June 6, 2009

My camera for my companion

I have an announcement: I’m branching out a bit.

Having this blog has made me love taking pictures even more than before. Partly because of all the practice I get photographing all my cooking and meals, but mostly because of all the lovely, wonderful photography blogs I’ve discovered in the past six or eight months.

The photographers behind these blogs – a few of which are listed in my blog roll at the right – really inspired me to take more pictures. Not just of food, but of ordinary things and my everyday life. I’ve also spent some time trolling around flickr looking at the photos of some of my favourite bloggers, and at series where people take one photo every day for a year, one self-portrait a week, etc. etc.

So I’ve decided to start a new project. For now, it will exist here at the little red kitchen, even though it isn’t really about food. I feel like this space is always evolving and changing, so to me it fits.

Every weekend, I’m going to post photos that I took during that week  - one a day.  Any photos at all – good or bad, of people or places, of food or buildings. This way, I am forced to take more pictures, and I hope I will get better at it.  I also want to seize the opportunity for picture-taking more often, and keep an eye out for something to catch in my camera lens. And, I hope you’ll all enjoy it too.

I promise not to cheat and post five photos that I snapped in a hurry Friday night. I’m going to do my very best to put up one from each day, no matter how horrible they might be.

For me, having this blog is all about being creative. I started it because I love to cook and write about food. Now I know I also love to take pictures. So I’m going to spend the summer in Edmonton with my camera for my companion.

Please let me know how you like my new project in the comments! I’d love to get any feedback.

And now, here’s set number one.

June 1 – 5











Jamoo said...

Love the Commercial picture! You should link to your flickr account.

Anne said...

Awesome idea - I love it. It will be fun for your fans to have things to look at more regularly. Do you have a flickr account?

J said...

Where's the Wednesday picture from? I recognize all the other ones.

Isabelle said...

I do have a flickr account - but so far no pics up there. I am going to start using it though. Wednesday's picture is of One Hundred, looking through a door further along 101A Ave, across from Sherlock Holmes.

susan said...

Hey, this is an awesome idea! I might just start doing this myself! Hope you're doing well, talk to you soon :)

Maki said...

I like wednesday's photo, has a vintage feel to it :)