July 24, 2009

Thoughts on summer + photo catch-up


I was on a bit of a roll with all the posting for a while, wasn't I? Then the full force of summer came along and walloped me.

Back in the spring, I was busy imagining all the oodles of free time I would have with J gone away this summer. I planned a lot of little projects for myself, and made lists of all the chores I've been meaning to do and some of the places in Edmonton I've been meaning to visit.

But that isn't quite what happened. It turns out I am quite good at entertaining myself and becoming rather busy on my own. The time has passed far more quickly than I thought it would, and the few moments in a week when I have nothing planned and nothing to do are getting rare. Not that I mind too much - I like being busy, and spending time with friends is so important. But summer feels like a bit of a whirlwind lately. Especially now that it is so gorgeous outside, I am wishing for a little piece of back yard, a soft blanket, an ice-cold lemonade and some time to lie about.

(Actually, what I'd really like is a stretch of white sandy beach and warm ocean, walking in the sand and on the red cliffs back home. I didn't know how much I'd miss PEI this time of year.)

In any case, all of this means that I have really been slacking on my photo project. I missed several days in the past few weeks, but I vow to get back on track and keep reminding myself to take that daily shot. So instead of the weekly group, here are some of the photos I've snapped recently, in no particular order.











Court said...

Sunlight glinting off a backyard table filled with food is lovely! It's everything summertime eating should be.

Sprouted Kitchen said...

i that backyard pic ;) looks like a perfect summer afternoon for a big blanket and snacks!

J said...

Complete with Purity candies. Glad to see they didn't melt in the mail.

Isabelle said...

Thanks Court and Sprouted Kitchen! I love the backyard table pic too. Yes, it was quite a lovely evening.