January 28, 2010

Creations Dining Room


This morning I reviewed the Creations Dining Room in the Sawridge Inn on Edmonton AM. You can hear the review by going to their website – cbc.ca/edmontonam – and clicking on restaurant reviews. It should be up later this morning.

Overall, the meal was inconsistent. Part of that was because of J’s newfound lactose intolerance, but even without it there was some disappointment. Especially considering the prices, and the expectation of a high-end meal.

The best parts of the evening were the bison maki, the side of broccolini with our entrees, and the lavender ice cream. Yum.

Does anyone have suggestions about places I should review in the coming weeks and months? I have some ideas but I’m always looking for new ones.

I’ll be back here soon to talk pancakes, because I’ve found a new delicious recipe. I’m also planning a post about Farm restaurant, which I visited in Calgary last weekend. Let’s just say I’m still dreaming about the meal.  

Oh, and since I didn’t take any photos at the restaurant (must be discreet and all), that is a pretty picture of an apple galette for you. ( If you’re craving galettes now, see recipes here and here from the archives.)


Mildred said...

How about reviewing Flavours Modern Bistro?It is easy to get to on Whyte Avenue and I hear they are revamping their menu. Although they have a small menue, the desserts are good and they do may an effort for special dietary requirements.

A Canadian Foodie said...

I was at Farm the first week it opened last year - take a look at my piece - and let me know how it has changed.... I loved it.

Chris said...

I caught your clip on CBC the other day on the drive to work. Loved hearing your thoughts. Your so-so experience, and mix of chowhound thoughts makes me wonder if this restaurant isn't really pulling its weight with regards to all the original praise.