March 9, 2010

To where the flowers bloom

J and I are off to Vancouver tomorrow, and to put it lightly, I am EXCITED. I've never visited Canada's West coast before, and we both need a vacation. It's going to be a relaxed few days of wandering and eating. And hopefully it doesn't rain the whole time.

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I have two food-related items on CBC over the next week that I wanted to let you know about. On Thursday morning on Edmonton AM, I'll review Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (it's the magic of radio! taping things and making them sound live!). Then, next Monday on my cookbook column on Radio Active, I'm talking about a local cookbook that has just won big: Kitchen Scraps by Pierre Lamielle. Pierre lives in Calgary and writes a food column for Swerve magazine. He's a chef-illustrator and his book is a unique, witty visual feast. It recently won Best Illustrated Cookbook of 2009 at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards - good job Pierre!

I hope to return from Vancouver with some food tales. And I hope to actually share them with you this time, unlike my trip to Toronto. I always meant to write about some of the cool restaurants and cafes I visited, but time just got away from me. I'll try to do better this time.
Have a great week!


Marianne and Charles said...

Enjoy your vacation (and the flowers) guys! Looking forward to your posts.

Chris said...

Hope the trip is good!

I've been enjoying your CBC time on my drives to a from work.

Bellini Valli said...

Vancouver is definitely a foodie town. I'd be heading to Granville Island for a chef's dinner or a foodie tour from Edible BC.

A Canadian Foodie said...

Lovely to meet you in the flesh, Isabelle. Would have loved to have had time to chat. It is rare that we like minded types get together - nd frustrating when there is not the opportunity needed to chat and share. Hopefully next time will be soon.

A Canadian Foodie said...

Diane B just told me you are doing a review of Adjey;s new Cookbook next week sometime... did you see my post about cooking the lobster fingers? Please let me know when you do your piece - I want to read it or listen to it - whichever it is.

sherri said...

Have to hear about your trip to V! I'm intrigued by this cook book, Kitchen Scraps... ;-)