June 4, 2010

St. Lawrence Market - Toronto


Visiting food markets in new cities is something I love to do when I’m traveling. Sadly I haven’t had many opportunities. I’m hoping to take in a market or two when we visit Europe this summer – so excited! I’ve heard so much about the Pike Place market in Seattle and the Ferry Building market in San Francisco. I really hope I get a chance to visit them someday. When we were in Vancouver last March I loved the Granville Island Public Market, and it immediately reminded me of the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.



I first visited the St. Lawrence Market about a year ago, and I went back when I was in Toronto recently. It’s a pretty cool place, and just like the one on Granville Island, makes me wish we could have a market that was open during the week in Edmonton. It’s in a big old warehouse building downtown on Front street, and covers two floors. The top floor is mostly food and some kitchen-related items. When you head downstairs there is more food but also some arts and crafts mixed in.

There is so much to see.


Tantalizing cheese – big creamy wheels of it.


Lots of meat too.


Many varieties of shellfish.


Several bakeries (my mouth is watering at that Challah…).


Fresh Montreal bagels.


There’s a store on the lower level that has an astonishing array of bulk items – nuts, beans, all kinds of weird candies I’ve never heard of. They also sell different kinds of bulk salt, like Himalayan pink salt and smoked salt. It’s a great way to try new kinds of salt without paying an arm and a leg for a whole box. Last year I bought a small container of fleur de sel that’s not quite gone, and this year I bought Maldon salt. I haven’t tested them side by side yet to see if I can taste a big difference, but they’re both fantastic for sprinkling onto your food right before you eat.


The market also has many produce stands, both organic and non. When I was there in mid-May, they already had local berries. Jealous!

I can’t wait to discover more markets on my travels. Where are your favourite markets?


Anne said...

My favourites... Reading Terminal Market in Center City Philadelphia, source of the famous bean soup mix - check that one out; the suburban one in Ardmore where Nancy took me in March (home of the bunny bread); Ferry Terminal building in SF, which I didn't visit on market day, but is a cool place to shop at other times; Charlottetown Farmers Market :-)
love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Next time you go to Toronto check out Kensington Market it is off Spadina and has everything from spice shops, produce live chickens and the most wonderful cheese shops. It's my old stomping grounds and I wouldn't miss it for the world

noodle_58 said...

Pike place Market is amazing, the energy there is out of this world! its truly something worth seeing and experiencing! Ive always enjoyed St. Lawerence Market Place! I would love to hear your thoughts on the best Market in Edmonton, I always find myself wandering back to old strathcona and i am always looking for new and exciting!

Sophia Zoe said...

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