October 11, 2011

To Be Honest

It’s been quiet here on the blog lately. But anything but quiet in our lives. Just not much time or (to be honest) inclination to write anything here. I’m okay with that. Sometimes it comes in waves.

Instead, here are some photos of the Thanksgiving feast we enjoyed at our friends’ place yesterday.  Somehow we always get away with not having to cook the turkey on Thanksgiving, and this year was no exception. I think my favourite dish was the turnip puff. Or maybe the brown sugar-glazed carrots. I brought this amazing pumpkin-apple cake. I haven’t made it since last fall and I forgot how delicious it is. Definitely on the roster some more for this season.

Happy belated Thanksgiving!






Maki said...

Yes, writing on the blog comes in waves for all of us. Definitely understood.

Happy belated Thxgiving! The food looks divine!

Marfa said...

I wish Americans celebrated Thanksgiving in October...everyday we should give thanks to God. It seems more appropriate right now as our backyard garden harvesting is at it's prime and coming to an end (e.g. the tomato plants are brown, but still have green tomatoes turning red on the vine).

Anne said...

Do you have recipes to share for the pumpkin-apple cake? And maybe for the turnip puff - was that by you, or someone else? I love turnip. I didn't have a Thanksgiving meal, which is OK as I expect to over-eat tomorrow for my b'day instead...
Love, Mom