January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!


I have a feeling 2012 will be our biggest year ever.

Becoming an adult is crazy, isn't it? Everything seems to change so fast. Real careers emerge, plans change, you end up living in a city you never expected. Now we're about to become a real family. I can hardly believe it. I still feel like my 20-year-old self, heck, like my 15-year-old self, looking at the world with big eyes and big dreams, wondering what life will hold. I like to think I've become a bit wiser, more pragmatic, more compassionate, and definitely happier than I was then. But there's so much more to become, to do, to live.

The other day we saw the first glimpse of our baby on the ultrasound screen. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was. This is really happening!





The pictures here are from the days around New Year’s. I made the banana bread, which was delicious. I’ll share the recipe here soon. Unfortunately I didn’t eat the dumplings or drink the slushy-whipped cream concoction. One had gluten, the other alcohol.

I did form a few dumplings myself though. The dough was soft and silky. My friend’s parents who are visiting Edmonton from China were whipping them out awfully fast and showed me how. They looked delicious – this filling is spinach and egg, and there was another one with pork and shrimp.

Here’s to a new year with lots of new experiences and wonderful food shared with family and friends. J and I are aiming to have people over more often for simple dinner parties. We did a lot less entertaining in the past six months than we’d like, and we want to change that. I look forward to sharing it all with you. Thanks for reading The Little Red Kitchen in 2011!

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