January 16, 2012

More weekends like this


What a great weekend it was. It's rare that we have one with so few commitments and schedules to follow. As a result, there was lots of sleep and lots of relaxing.


We had lunch at one of our favourite casual restaurants ... 


… and supper at a newly discovered place right near our apartment - we'll definitely be back.


We took the streetcar across the High Level Bridge, and talked about how great it would be if that route ran year-round. It could whisk us right into Old Strathcona.


There was a birthday celebration.


With delicious almond-orange tuile cookies.


I made a huge whack of gluten-free pancakes, because I love eating them leftover. (I’ve been making these pancakes for a year now. They are so good. They always turn out. This time, J said he prefers them to glutinous pancakes. That’s a winner there, folks!)


And I took a very cold walk around the beautiful ice and snow sculptures on the Legislature Grounds.

I also finished a really good book and we watched this fascinating documentary on paper-folding. I even got some useful things done, like cleaning the bathroom and working on our new household budget. Wow! What a weekend.

Hopefully this winter there will be more weekends like this, as we get more and more used to the idea of a new family member coming our way soon.

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Marianne said...

This has to be the best type of weekend. Especially love your first picture - it conveys it all so well.

La Shish, Café Beirut and Co Co Di - So much good Lebanese food in this neighbourhood :-) Glad Co Co Di was good. We went to the Rice Howard Way location just before the fire, but haven't stopped in at the new place yet.

All the best to you guys! Hopefully you have many more of these weekends as the arrival of your new family member gets closer.